Update on things and clarifications

Well, it has been a month since last update, and you might be wondering if I stopped translating or something. The answer is no. Thing is Defiring is doing Chapter 24 so, until that’s posted I’m not going to post the sequent chapters. So, yeah, that’s how it is.

Next regarding the whole punny Sirius/Serious Teacher thing. I may have been not clear enough on it so let’s talk about names. His name is Sirius which probably points to Dog star. His house name is Teacher. AND I MEAN Teacher for those who get a bit of japanese it’s written as ティーチャー which is a katakana FOR the english word teacher. It’s not sensei, kyoushi or some other form japanese word, it is literally as teacher.

Thing is, this only sounds weird in english since it gets kinda punny like that. I know 4 languages and it sounds weird only in english. This is probably because in old times people had their last names according to the profession they were in. Smith or Butcher for example. From multilingual standpoint they also sound weird as fuck. So it’s best to treat it as a name and not look for deeper meaning. All names mean something, it’s just you don’t associate them with the direct meaning. So do the same here.

While you could argue that I could do the reverse thing and translate the name to japanese. Sensei is not going to be a thing, because there are instances where he’s called sensei. And it would be like Sirius-sensei which is fine, but Sensei-sensei is so much more stupid that even I wouldn’t want to deal with it. The best I could do is take another language like latin and translate it to Magister. Which is same thing basically, and I would just change a character’s name for no frickin’ reason.

Do comment if you have something smart to say or suggest about this, but my point is: deal with it.

TL;DR – translations are coming. Stop looking for puns and meanings in names, you’ll have a better time.

So yeah, that’s it for now.

Until next time.


69 thoughts on “Update on things and clarifications”

  1. You could always just shorten it to “Teach”. Its similar to Edward teach, also very worried about hearing nothing from you, no new chapters or posts? ssu~


  2. aori san, i wish you didn’t abandoned this series yet ( just really anticipating for the next chapter), or if anything goes as not having time, busy and things. . i would loved to read even a small hello and hi from you.

    yours truly


  3. I see you away more than 3 months until I think you already gone, I really happy that I see your translation again.
    Thank you for your translation


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