Lv2 – Chapter 1

This a fun little thing that I would like to do on the side of World Teacher. I did not see this WN translated to english anywhere, so why don’t I do it myself, eh? These chapters are quite short, so I can do them in a few hours, unlike WT, which requires me to sit down for almost a whole day to do effectively. To be clear, I’m not dropping WT or anything, chapter 27.5, which is kind of a side story will be coming sometime soon. (the very impatient ones have the whole MTL stuff to sate themselves)

This is to be a light comedic relief on the side, also doubling as proof that I’m not dead, just doing some shit or the other. It won’t be a regular release, but since chapters are short they might be more frequent than WT, assuming I’m not buried by an avalanche of things to deal with, in which case I’ll only drop in a few lines in chat, if I can.

I will be taking in suggestions, on certain parts of translation, eg. to leave Hero as is or just put it as Yuusha, the same with Demon Lord/Maou and such.

The whole discription of this thing is here: link

The Summoning

Royal Capital Palma
A world parallel to Earth, where swords and magic, humans and demihumans, and also demon race as well as monsters exist, a capital of the so called fantasy world.

In one district of this Royal Capital Palma’s castle town, here, in the loading station of the Spade company, he, Banaza, today as well, was checking the luggage that being loaded into the cart.

[Banaza-san, how many more boxes still needs to be loaded?]
[Uhhhm, that cart is for the remote city of Batcombe, was it…. Please depart after loading three more boxes]
Banaza gives the instructions while comparing the documents at hand and the contents of the cart.

He, who despite being young, is being left in supervision of this place, spends his days while having a staring contest with carts, luggage and documents, and coordinating business talks that come from time to time.
He is extremely busy, but Banaza liked this kind work concerning numbers and commerce, so he spent his days fulfilling days without having much displeasure towards the situation.

[Now…. That should be the last of the shipments leaving first thing in the morning….]
After finishing checking the documents and the other line of carts that are unloading another time, seeing that the numbers match perfectly, Banaza nodded, as if satisfied.
[Well then, guess I’ll go to eat lunch after checking the luggage to be loaded in afternoon shipments]
While saying that, Banaza lifted his head from the documents.


『The summoning of 198th Hero candidate was successful』

…..Excuse me?

Seeing the surroundings clearly different from the Spade company’s luggage loading station where he was supposed to be until just now, Banaza was dumbfounded.
[Hero candidate-sama, please come over here]
Something like a miko looking female was talking, but Banaza who couldn’t understand the situation happening to him, didn’t realise that the words were addressed to him, just remained standing in place.

Where he was now looked like the middle of an altar, with a number of priest and magician looking people surrounding it while continuing to chant some magic chant.
This altar seemed to be inside even a bigger building, and the whole aspect of the place couldn’t be seen with just the light coming through a few stained glass windows.

[Hero candidate-sama, the next candidate will be summoned shortly. Please move here quickly]
The aforementioned miko, took Banaza’s hand, who was looking around in confusion, and moved him away from the magic circle.
Towards Banaza, who let himself be pulled off the magic circle, the miko, after properly facing him, respectfully bowed down.
[Hero candidate-sama. For answering our, magic kingdom of Cryroad’s summons, thank you very much. This might be sudden, but we shall have Hero candidate-sama go through ability measurement]


Banaza gets even more confused with miko’s words.

[You seem to be confused because of this abruptness. Well then, I shall explain briefly while the measurement taking place]
After saying that, the miko started explaining while leading Banaza.

According to miko’s explanation
This place, magic kingdom of Cryroad, is one of the countries in another world that exists in a different dimension than the one that Banaza lived.
Cryroad is a giant nation that boasts having the biggest territory in this world, and is ruling many existing countries as their leader.

In this world, exists a king of the demon race, called the Maou[1] , and various countries with Cryroad on the top of the list, are currently are exposed to the invasion of this Maou’s army.
Cryroad, that is the leading power, in order to subjugate this Maou, summons people that can become Heroes from other worlds, and try to oppose this invasion.

As to why they summon from other worlds,
It was because, the ones summoned from another world into this one, almost without exception, get a divine protection from the gods of the Celestial world.
Because this divine protection, in most cases, is extremely powerful, rather than appointing the strong ones of this world as the Hero, even more powerful Heroes are born.

[A Hero-sama, who was summoned over a hundred years in the past, at the moment of his summoning, despite being Lv1, had the five main aspects of Strength, Defense, Speed, Magic Power[2] and HP all at 999, you know]
In this world the standard size of the main aspects is 10, and with each time LV grows, supposedly this number increases.
All numbers being 999 at Lv1 is the peak one can get to at LV1, and is said to be impossible unless a miracle happens.
If LV rises, those numbers also rapidly increase, but for those with high initial numbers, that increase being staggering is usual, it seems.

……More like, why was I summoned in the first place?
He, who was a simple business man in his original world, was having a weird feeling to the whole premise, and was tilting his head.
[This power, that is hidden within oneself, is often not felt by the person concerned. Now, please raise your hand over this crystal]
In the place that the miko was pointing to, was a pedestal, about the height of Banaza’s hips, with a blue crystal left upon it, that was shining solemnly.

Banaza raises his hand over the crystal as told.
The miko, after respectfully bowing, peeked into it.


The miko, after blinking in surprise, rubs both of her eyes with her fingers.
And peeks into the crystal once again.

[……What does this mean….]
While listening to the miko’s words, Banaza already knew their meaning.

Banaza could also see the numbers floating inside the crystal he was raising his hand upon, but

Lv・・・ 1
STR・・・ 9
DEF・・・ 8
SPD・・・ 6
MP・・・ 1

Imagining from what the miko explained just now, inside this crystal were displayed the numbers almost the same as an ordinary grown male of this world.

[No trace of additional points from God…this can’t be… this kind of case, it’s the first time….]
Looks like magicians, who were around, are gathering after noticing the bewildered miko.
Those people, after seeing Banaza’s numbers in the crystal, got similarly confused, and started discussing noisily in small voices.

It was then.

[Aah! How wonderful! A person rivaling the power of the legendary Hero has been summoned!]
Before the person, who was raising his hand over the crystal right next to Banaza, a different miko from the one that brought Banaza, was raising her voice trembling in excitement, while crying tears of gratitude.

Inside that crystal

Lv・・・  1

Numbers like this are lined up.
According to the miko’s explanation earlier, these are the same numbers, that the Hero who appeared over a hundred years ago had at the moment of his summoning at Lv1.

The man in front of that crystal, had his robust body clad in magnificent armor, which makes you imagine that he’s probably some country’s knight.
Almond shaped eyes, and golden long hair. That man who has the beauty that might even be able to charm other men…
[Is that so…I was chosen as the Hero that will save this world, is that how it is]
[It is! Hero-sama! Please save us!]

Before he was aware, even the miko who was in front of Banaza, had rushed over to that blonde knight and raising cheers.

While looking at that scene with a side glance, Banaza just remained standing in a daze.


After that, under the pretense of celebration of Hero’s birth, the whole castle was raised up, and a magnificent banquet was held, in which that blonde knight, was officially named as this world’s Hero.

Banaza, who wasn’t invited by anyone, nor ordered to go anywhere, having nothing else to do, headed to the corner of this banquet’s venue, and silently carried food to his mouth.
He tried asking someone about the situation, but everyone
[I’m busy with preparations for Hero-sama’s celebration!]
[I have to chat up the Hero-sama! Don’t hinder me!]
    was in that kind of condition, and not even one person lent their ears to Banaza’s words.

After that, the banquet continued on for 3 days and 3 nights
Because the venue wasn’t closed, Banaza was spending that time while sleeping and waking on the sofa in one of the corners of it.

And so, after the celebration was finally over

Banaza found and called out the miko who initially explained this and that to him.
The miko, after seeing Banaza’s face, was puzzled at first, but it seemed like the memories started flowing back in, and she first raised her voice with an “Aah!”, and then,
[…..You….Why are you still here?]
    went pale.

ー To be continued


1 Lit. Demon Lord, though you probably know that. I’ll be leaving it like that for now.
2Could mean magical power or mana, not clear. I’ll be shortening it to MP, as it could stand as acronym for one or the other.


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