Lv2 – Chapter 5


Adventurer’s association was a considerably big two-floor building with
 1st floor – reception of adventurers and cafeteria, as well as equipment shop
 2nd floor – lodging accommodations, as it’s structure.

For the time being, registering as an adventurer was needed, was what Arpshow was thinking, and headed towards the reception,
「Good day. Want to register as an adventurer? Or perhaps want to get some job procured?」
 and was greeted by a red-haired elf.
「I’m here for a job, but does it require to be registered as an adventurer?」
「If it’s only jobs of unset rank, then it’s not required, but you’re not that reckless, are you?」
The red-haired elf says with a sweet smile.

According to her explanation,
Normally, first one registers as an adventurer after all,
In accordance to his exploits, his adventurer rank is set to increase,
And it is possible to accept work in compliance to this rank.

These 『Unranked Jobs』 she jokingly said about,
Because most of them are expected to be extremely hard, while there is a penalty for abandoning it midway, completely no insurance is offered if one dies during one, as well as no money for preparations is provided, according to her they are jobs with mostly inferior conditions.
Though in return, if one managed to complete it, immense rewards are a given, is what she said.
Of course, these unranked jobs also greatly increase one’s adventurer rank, however it wasn’t wrong to say that no matter how many lives one had, taking only that kind of jobs, they wouldn’t be enough.

After completing the adventurer registration, Arpshow received a necklace shaped silver plate.
「In this plate, your personal information is stored.
 This personal information is made to be possible to read with magic.
 When accepting or turning in a job, please definitely have this with you. Because we will record your achievements this plate」
After receiving a simple explanation, Arpshow put this plate around his neck
「Well then, please pay 1 silver coin as registration fee」
 and handed over the payment specified.

When he was about to go to the work notice board, that he heard about from the red-haired elf, Arpshow stopped.
Before the notice board, a lone girl was standing, asking of something to the passing by adventurers.
When listening in on that conversation,

Turns out, she was looking for an adventurer that would guard and take her to Delabeza forest.

Inside this Delabeza forest, because a close servant of Maou is rumored to live in it, every adventurer was rejecting that offer.
To add to that, the reward she was offering, was an extremely low one, of 5 copper coins, and because of that no one wanted to lend an ear to her even more.

Speaking of Delabeza forest, it’s where he was until just now, and using teleportation magic going there immediately was possible….was what Arpshow was thinking,
「Young lady, I’ll take you there, if you’re fine with me?」
 and called out to the girl
When he did, seems the girl didn’t think someone would even call out to her, as she turned to Arpshow, while almost jumping up out of surprise.
「U…uhhh….the reward isn’t much…are you ok with it?」
「Well, it’s fast, if it’s just going there, so」
To Arpshow’s words, the surrounding adventurers get noisy
「Onii-san, it’s not good to lie. Going to that forest takes 20 days. Are you getting close to this young lady, with something not good in mind? After her body, for example?」
A female knight clad in armor, who looked like one of the adventurers, was closing in on Arpshow with a clearly disgusted expression.
Behind her, there are a few women, thought to be her party members.
Indeed, with just a male and a female, it couldn’t be helped to think that, while rethinking it, Arpshow said
「Well then, if you’re fine with it, how about going all together? I don’t really mind you taking all the of reward」
To those words, after consulting with her comrades, the female knight brought out a condition of arranging their meals and lodging along the way, but to that the girl’s face got gloomy.
It was clear to see that the money at hand was scarce.

「If needed, I’ll provide those, so….Well, it’s clear that it won’t be needed though」
To Arpshow’s words the female knight group got even more cautious, but when Arpshow took out and showed a gold coin from his money pouch, they did agree to it.

After getting the request registered to the plate at the reception,
「Well then, we’ll be going, so everyone please gather around me」
While half-doubting Arpshow’s words, everyone gathered around, as asked
The next moment, everyone,
「Right, then」
together with Arpshow’s, simultaneously disappeared from the inside of the adventurer’s association building.
「……Now this is surprising….」
Confirming that before her, without a doubt is Delabeza forest, the female knight while having an expression of disbelief,
「Arpshow-dono, was it? I’m extremely sorry for doubting you just now. I offer my heartfelt apologies」
 was deeply lowering her head while saying that.
「To think you were able to use teleportation magic to move such extreme distances…Arpshow-san, are you a magician employed by the castle?」
The magician of the female knight’s party, was asking while having cold sweat.
Arpshow himself, because he wasn’t aware that the magic he used was such a big deal, got confused at the magician’s words instead.
Also, her party members, were more surprised at the fact that the usually silent magician was speaking so eloquently.

For the time being, after making himself out as a world-ignorant magician that was absorbed in experiments deep inside a forest, everyone was somehow convinced, Arpshow relaxed.

During that exchange
The girl who was the client, was having a confused expression, while looking around various parts of the forest.
「….Is there something wrong?
To Arpshow’s words, the girl gets even more flustered.
「Th…the forest’s demonic miasma….well….it’s all gone… why…」

“If it’s about that, then I purified it just recently”, while Arpshow was trying to say that, before his eyes, redly blinking window was displayed.

『Warning: Telling about usage of purification magic to a demon race is dangerous』

Demon race? There’s no such thing here, though?

When Arpshow thought that, a new window opens

『Client Girl: Demon race 「Fang Wolf Clan」 is transformed to a human』

To that display, Arpshow felt his own heartbeat getting faster.

ーTo be continued

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