Lv2 -Chapter 6


[Well then… Isn’t it about time you revealed your identity? Young lady?]
To the perplexed girl, who was looking at the forest, the female knight asked in a clearly different tone from just now.
[A girl that wants to go to the forest occupied by Maou’s underlings….Suspicious no matter how you think about it~]
Archer looking woman continues the thought.
The female knight’s party, albeit slowly, spread out to surround the girl, while paying attention to her every move.
[Nii-san, sorry about that….you ended up used a bit]
The swordswoman, who was holding up her sword, apologises to Arpshow.

According to the swordswoman‘s explanation, this female knight group, had concluded this girl was suspicious right from the start, and used Arpshow, who suddenly called out to her, to go with them and expose this girl’s identity in this place.

Although, in the original plan, they were supposed to get away from the city, and question her on the road when there were no people around, however, because they, never in their wildest dreams thought that Arpshow could use high class teleportation magic, their plan needed to be executed here.

After looking at such female knight’s troupe, a suspicious flame could be seen in the girl’s eyes.
[….Aahn? What are you actin’ all cocky, lowly humans?]
Before the group, the girl’s appearance was gradually changing.
Her mouth split, body hair grew, the body was getting a lot bigger while turning into that of a wolf.
[You actin’ all tough against one of the Maou’s Four Heavenly King’s, Fengaril’s little sister, against this Fenlys-sama? Aahn?]
Out of wolf-turned Fenlys’ body, tremendous amount of demonic miasma gushed out, and spread out in stinging waves through the surroundings.

[….Since she came to town, I thought she was something like a scout of the Maou’s army, but….to think she was such a big shot….]
[Let’s withdraw for now…we can’t take on an opponent of this class without at least two divisions of knights]
All of the female knight group had stiff expressions, with cold sweat on them.
In this situation, retreat, indeed, is the best.
The female knight also fully knew that, but she couldn’t move even a bit from this place.
She was completely taken away by Fenlys’ pressure.

Looking at such both sides,

Behind them, was Arpshow, all by himself, not particularly minding this pressure, was just standing in this place normally.

[…..Heeh, only you seem to have some backbone]
When Fenlys directs her gaze to such Arpshow, a bold smile appears on her mouth.
[Wait a bit, I’ll deal with them, and then take you on]
While saying that, she lowers her body, and takes a stance.

……Uuuhn…. This situation, aren’t the female knight-san and the others a bit in trouble, I wonder

Looking at the intimidated, completely unmoving female knight troupe, Arpshow was thinking like this, as if it wasn’t his problem.

Before such Arpshow, a new window is displayed.

『Recommendation: Making female knight troupe take refuge in some other place using teleportation magic is advised

               Teleport them?   Yes/No』

At the same time that Arpshow whispers
[Then, teleport them to the town we were just now]
  to the displayed window, the female knight troupe’s presence disappeared from this place, as if erased.

Fenlys, who was just right about to jump towards them, is taken aback by this sudden happening and is looking at the surroundings.
[….This can’t be… even though I’m deploying Negate Teleportation ・Negate Mana…..]
[Eh? You are?]
 To Fenlys’ words, Arpshow gets genuinely surprised

『Because high class magics 「Negate Teleportation」 「Negate Mana」 were deployed

  Highest class magic 「Teleportation magic 「Highest Class」」 was used.
  Effect : Magic use is possible without receiving effects of Negate Teleportation ・Negate Mana』

While confirming the contents of the displayed window, Arpshow understood to the point to make him say “Aah, is that so”.
Of course, not knowing that people able to use this highest class magic, are only 2 in this whole world….
[So it’s your doing… I took you as sacrifice for resurrection magic, in case something happened to ani-ue, but it looks like you’re a bit capable]
Changing her target from the suddenly disappeared female knight group to Arpshow, Fenlys takes a stance once again, while licking her lips.
[I’ll look into what happened to the forest after biting you to death.
 Don’t worry, I’ll make those female knights go after you soon after, so you won’t be lonely]
[Uuuhn….For the time being, I don’t want to die yet, I think]
While saying that, Arpshow chose 「Yes」 to the newly displayed window.

In the next moment,
A tremendous sense of weight befell on Fenlys’ body.


Even if she tries to speak, because of too much pressure, she can’t even open her mouth.
Taking on this much high gravity, Fenlys’ body fell prostrate on the ground, and was completely unable to move.

Th…this can’t be…even though I’m deploying Negate Mana…..『Lessen Gravity』

Even if she recites a new spell, in that instant, a sound of breaking glass could be heard, informing Fenlys that the magic failed.

『Adjacent Teleportation』
『Extreme Height Jump』
『Position Reversal』

Continuously, she recites magic she can think of, but each and every one of them, informs her of failure with a breaking glass sound.
Because she was continuously using advanced magic, which uses a lot of mana, Fenlys’ mana soon hit rock bottom.

I…It can’t be… to a mere human….this….

Fenlys desperately tries to think of moves to overcome this situation.
However, with her mana already gone, and in a state of being forcefully pinned to the ground, not even one method came to mind.
And so

…..I give up… Do as you wish
Giving up all resistance, Fenlys silently closed her eyes.

When she did, in the next moment, all the gravity that was pushing her down, disappeared.


To this unexpected outcome, Fenlys opens her eyes, while having a dubious expression.
When she did, before her was Arpshow, his hand extended towards her.

Fenlys, who returned to demon race’s humanoid form while she was being crushed by the gravity, continued looking at that hand while bewildered.
This form was not one of the girl she was disguising as, but one of a woman of dignified beauty, her original form as one of the demon race.

[If you’ve given up, I won’t kill you]
While saying that, Arpshow put his mantle over Fenlys, whose clothes were all ripped away when she turned to wolf form.
[I…I’m of demon race, you know…you’re saying you’ll spare one?]
[I’m not a human of this world to begin with. So truth be told, I don’t really care about it being human or demon race.
  Anyway, I won’t kill a person that surrendered. That’s all]

[Naive, human…Too naive]
While saying that, Fenlys took the hand Arpshow was extending.
In her her hand, strength for opposing him was not included, not even for a bit.

Before Arpshow, a new window opened, suggesting to make her a subordinate using subordination magic.

However while thinking,
……Rather than a subordinate, I would be happier if she became a comrade, though….
  Arpshow, while smiling bitterly,

  turned the window, that was persistently suggesting subordination magic, to undisplayed status.

―To be continued

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