Lv2 – Chapter 4

I had unexpected free time, so here you go, have fun.
Also since people are raging/sighing at the MC being stupid/clueless, I’m not going to explain that he’s not from Earth and shit that logically comes with that. I will say this though, this isn’t a novel about the MC getting a clue in on his OP state and just going to town on kingdoms. Also this arc is kind of an intro, have patience, chapters are short after all.

Lv and Inn

Before Banaza, who used purification magic, a new window was displayed.
Because Banaza’s level had risen, it was thought to display abilities to reflect that, but

『Lv・・・ 367
STR・・・ ∞
DEF・・・ ∞
SPD・・・ ∞
MP・・・ ∞
HP・・・ ∞』

「…..’Scuse me?」

Just now after defeating a slime, Banaza had confirmed it had risen up to Lv2, but he was shocked that that number how had jumped to 367.

「More like…. I just used purification magic just now, not like I defeated any monsters…」
While confused, Banaza was thinking about this and that what could be the reason, but no matter how much he thought, no reason seemed to come to mind.

About this level rising though,
The reason was, just now, because of purification magic, the monsters that lived in this forest got purified as well, and all perished, and so those experience points went to Banaza.
Also, the monsters that were in this forest, to be specific, were one of the Maou’s Four Heavenly Kings[1], the number one man of the Fang Wolf Clan – Fengaril and his subordinates.
By the way, this Fengaril, was a legendary class Demon race, who is said to have annihilated several tens of thousands of Cryroad’s soldiers by himself.

Completely not aware such a thing happened, Banaza, at the end of thinking and thinking of the reason for the sudden level up,

・My magic display function, probably isn’t displaying it correct because of my low magic ability

derived such a conclusion, and forcefully made himself accept it.
Because of that, Banaza, who thought that this skill display couldn’t be trusted, from now on, set this skill display function to not be displayed.

Deciding to leave the level rising problem for the time being, Banaza directed his glance towards the forest once again.
Though it might be purified now, it is a forest that was originally polluted by demonic miasma[2].
Because of that, he felt reluctant to live here as is.

That said, even he was to return to the city, he was forbidden to live in one.
When he was thinking that
『Recommendation: Appearance Transformation Magic
  Visually changing your appearance is possible

  Will you execute it?   Yes/No』

such a window was displayed
“I see….If visual appearance changes, I might not get noticed in the city”
thinking that, Banaza chose 『Yes』
When he did, this time

『Gender?    Male/Female
  Height?    High/Medium/Short
  Race?   Human/Demihuman/Demonic

a window with considerable amount of choices was displayed.
Though it seemed like random setting was possible, Banaza for the time being used it one at a time, and changed himself to

『Male ・Human ・ Medium height』 a an average appearance like that.
Because his original appearance was quite slim with an androgynous face that might get mistaken for a female’s, the impression is quite changed.
Because changing clothing was made possible by the magic, he changed it to look just like an adventurer.
He could use magic more or less, so he made it look robe-like, somewhat like a mage.

Deciding to also name himself 『Arpshow』 , he returned to the town he first was teleported to with teleportation magic.
He was thinking of, for the time being, looking into this world while staying at some inn, and after that once again think about his course of action from now on.

After going out to one of the main streets, he found an inn with a signboard saying 『Jewel’s Divine Protection』, and for the time being, went inside.
It looked like in the first floor was also a cafeteria, and now, at lunch time, it was considerably crowded by humans and demihumans.
「Welcome, I haven’t seen you around, is this your first time in this town?」
The landlady, who was cooking behind the counter, calls out in a cheerful voice.
「I’m Arpshow, a newbie adventurer from a small village to the east. I’m looking for an inn around here」
「Then you’re welcome to stay here. We have free rooms for now」
Banaza, now Arpshow, didn’t really have a sense for money, because the currency was different in his original world, so to cost stated by the landlady, he decided to, for the time being, hand one of the gold coins he had.
When he did
「Are you, despite appearances, some noble rich boy? With that much you could stay here until autumn with meals included」
was what she said while smiling, and Arpshow only smiled bitterly at her words of “If you check out midway, I’ll return the remainder, but please stay as long as possible”.
Probably because he paid with a gold coin, seems like he got the best room at the end of the hall in the second floor.
There were two beds, and also a bath set up in the room.
Arpshow was trying to behave like a more or less of a magic user, so he took out a staff from the belongings.
That staff looked to be quite a cheap one, and looked unexpectedly flimsy but, it was possible to customize it with magic, so Arpshow remade it to have a bit of a luxurious feeling.

With the staff, which looked a bit cooler thanks to customizing, in hand, Arpshow got down to the cafeteria, and decided to eat there and also gather information.

After listening in to the surrounding conversations while waiting for the meal

・The new Hero seems to have headed to the south
・Something about mysterious massive magic being used at the north
・Recently a lot of damage was done by goblins
・Quality of slaves has decreased

was the information that was gathered.
While he was doing that, a woman demihuman of dog race that looks like a floor employee brought in the food.
Seems that she is this inn’s slave and the landlady is the owner.
Looks like in this world buying a slave isn’t that difficult, even in business district, slave dealers are putting up stores normally.
Arpshow was feeling somewhat out of place, because in the world he originally was in, slave dealing was a hated business.
「If I talk for too long, I will get scolded by master, so….」
Saying his thanks to the dog race’s demihuman woman who said that while greatly bowing down, Arpshow decided to eat.

After finishing the meal, Arpshow decided to have a stroll around the main street.
Having heard the information that in the main street there is an adventurer association, which procures work for adventurers among the conversations in the cafeteria just now, he decided to head there for the time being.

Along the way, Arpshow suddenly felt a weird presence behind.
Giving a side glance behind, he saw a kid in tattered clothes beelining straight towards him.
It appears that the purpose was theft, as his eyes was looking for Arpshow’s belongings.
Carefully approaching, that kid looked for an opening in Arpshow, and extended his hand to steal the magic bag at his hips.

However, in the next moment, a few of Arpshow’s always-on magics activated, kid’s hand was repelled by a magic wall, and he was instantly bound in rope and laid down in place.

Arpshow properly looks at the kid once again
That kid was awfully thin, and it was not hard to imagine he was trying to steal having no other choice.
That child was moving his mouth trying to say something, however because that mouth was firmly blocked, he couldn’t understand what he was saying but, as if saying “For the time being, I refuse to get involved in troublesome things”, Arpshow thrust in 1 gold coin into that kid’s pocket whispered 「Don’t do this kind of thing anymore」 into his ear.
After moving away a bit from the kid, Arpshow removed the binding magic, and after confirming that the kid disappeared into the crowd while flustered, he activated presence concealment magic, and disappeared into the crowds himself.

ーTo be continued


1 A fricking mouthful in english, but a template is a template :D
2 Will be using this instead of mana origin thing that I did in the previous chapter, as it suits this novel’s thing better. Will edit last chapter too, but I’m putting a notice here to those who read it as soon as it came out.


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