Lv2 – Chapter 7

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Arpshow said,
「If you don’t conflict with humans from now on, I don’t mind you going anywhere you want」
to Fenlys
However, Fenlys shakes her head to the sides to those words, and
「For us, the Fang Wolf Clan, living besides the one we deem as master is the law….If that is not possible, we can only die」
said so, not trying to part from Arpshow’s side.

According to her, originally she had the Maou, to whom her brother, Fengaril swore loyalty, as her master, but being defeated in this fight against Arpshow, acknowledged him as new master.

Being summoned into a world, he knows nothing about, Arpshow, who lived all alone until now, decided to act together with Fenlys.
「Then, please take care of me from now on」
「Please take care of me as well. Goshujin-sama[1]
「….N, no, uhh, that way of calling is a bit…..」
「Un? Goshujin-sama is Goshujin-sama, right? Is there a problem?」
To Fenlys’ words, Arpshow could only smile bitterly.

The two
Decided to camp out this day in one part of the forest, and return to the town tomorrow.

Because if the female knight group, which was sent back to the town just now, took some kind of action, returning to the town immediately might get them involved into various troubles, was the line of thought here.

That night
Arpshow, who took on the night watch, sat down besides the fire.

When he did, Fenlys, who was sleeping, slowly got up.
Fenlys had removed all of her clothing, hugged onto Arpshow while naked.

……Well then, can a human like yourself satisfy me, I wonder? ….If you can’t, then die upon me

After lustfully tasting Arpshow’s lips, Fenlys, while licking them with her tongue, at the same time chants lust type magic such as Charm ・Excite ・ Passion, one after another, and casts them on Arpshow.

Shatter [2]


However, all and every magic Fenlys used, were rendered useless by Arpshow, the sound, indicating them being destroyed, echoes in the surroundings repeatedly.

At this time, Arpshow thought if he refused her, who closed in on him while showing her naked body, he would make her lose face, together with the fact that he held more or less positive feelings for Fenlys, who was quite beautiful, he felt like accepting her.

Obeying to this will, high rank lust type magics were released from Arpshow with tremendous power, flowing into Fenlys one after another.
「No…This…Not good….So much…At once….」
While dyeing her cheeks deep red to the unexpected situation, Fenlys writhes her body.
That body, was gently hugged by Arpshow.


Next morning
Fenlys, still not fully conscious, was still lying besides Arpshow.
Last night, while being held by Arpshow, how many times she fainted, she cannot remember.
All I know is, I don’t want to separate from Arpshow anymore……

Complying to the only thing she could think of, Fenlys clung onto Arpshow’s arm, and fell asleep again.

Just before noon, together with Fenlys, who was finally fully conscious, Arpshow returned to town using teleportation magic.

Just as he did, at precisely that time, a large group of soldiers were about to depart.
「A…Are you Arpshow-dono?」
Hearing a familiar voice from one part of the troops, Arpshow shifted his sight towards it.
There, was the female knight and her group, which Arpshow teleported to the town yesterday.
Seemed like they joined the troops, and after finding Arpshow, happily ran over to him.
「I did think that, if it’s you, you would survive even facing that monster….」
After thanking for yesterday, female knight tightly grasped Arpshow’s hand while crying.

The girls, after finding Fenlys behind Arpshow, stiffened up, but,
「She had her consciousness taken over by Maou’s underling. Now that it ran away, she’s just a simple human」
being convinced by such an explanation from Arpshow, they shook hands with Fenlys, while saying “Glad you’re alright”.

「By the way, what’s up with these troops? Seems like Female knight-sama is also a part of it?」
「We were just about to depart to exterminate the aforementioned monster from yesterday. The Hero-sama returned from south just now, as well」
After being told that, looking at the back of the troops, indeed, the blonde Hero met in the castle the other day, could be seen advancing straddling a white horse.
Arpshow now was changing his appearance with magic, did think he wouldn’t get found out, however this situation wasn’t too pleasant.

「However, that monster ran away, so I don’t think it is in that forest anymore?」
「It’s not like I don’t trust your words, but…If it wasn’t exterminated, it might still be lurking around in that forest, or some other monsters might be left over in there, so probably we’ll have to march on anyway」
The female knight, apologetically lowers her head.
「If possible, could Arpshow-dono also join this march? If you joined, we would have nothing to fear」
While feeling guilty towards the female knight who was insisting as such,
「Thanks for the offer, but….in the last fight I used up quite a lot of mana…」
making it that way, he decided to return to the inn.
After being strongly insisted by the female knight to be thanked properly for being saved,after the extermination mission, Arpshow accepted.

After the female knight left, Fenlys suddenly clung to Arpshow’s arm, and directed a threatening glance towards way the female knight left.
「What’s wrong? Doing that all of a sudden?」
「….That woman, was making eyes at goshujin-sama….Filthy」
To the silently muttering Fenlys, Arpshow smiled bitterly.


This Hero march, after just 5 days, had to retreat.

Not because they came across the Maou’s army, but because they were attacked by a large pack wild Psycho Bears.

In the north, besides Maou’s servants, ferocious beasts as such, existed in great numbers.
Because of that, the Hero was leveling up in the south, relatively free of ferocious monsters, but being assaulted by Psycho Bears, not only couldn’t recover the panicking troops, but
「I’m a human that cannot die in a place like this」
It’s said that, he left the battlefield faster than he could finish saying that, and ran back to the city.
This truth was covered up by the officials, and a gag order issued to all participants of the march.

Truth be told, this blonde Hero
During the leveling in the south also,

・Never tried defeating anything but beasts a lot weaker than himself
・Left the battlefield as soon as it got even a bit dangerous
・Started saying he’s tired right away, and wanting to rest at the inn

Etc., etc., repeated numerous problematic actions, but unable punish someone officially appointed as a Hero of this world, the country’s upper echelon started being unable to hide their irritation.

―To be continued

1 Yeah, just like with WT I’m leaving that, because I need to make a distinction between the different ways of calling.
2 Sound of that shattering glass, fuck english language for not having more onomatopoeias, this makes translating from japanese a headache.


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