Lv2 – Chapter 3

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Magic Cheat

「For the time being, what should I do about a place to live….」
Because there was a 『House Construction Magic』 in the magic bag, and it was possible to build a house if only he decided on the place, Banaza was looking into the surroundings while thinking “where should I do that”.
Thereupon, suddenly before his eyes, a window was displayed once again.
That window, had red borders blinking on and off, so even Banaza understood it was warning about danger.

『Caution: There is a thing endowed with concealed magic among the belongings.
                    *High possibility of bringing forth disadvantage to the owner*

Magic Bag
         Location Tracing Magic: Regularly notifies the location of the owner to the caster
         Forceful Retrieval Magic: Forcefully retrieves the targeted item to the caster at the time of the owner’s death
         Monster Aggravation Magic: Magic that automatically aggravates high Lv monsters

Will you cancel it forcefully?   Yes/No』

Seeing the words in that window, Banaza felt cold sweat coming out.
He could understand if it was just location tracing and forceful retrieval, the problem was the third, 「Monster Aggravation Magic」.

No matter how he looked at it, this magic was to provoke monsters to attack Banaza.
Even Banaza could understand that the reason he, just now, was suddenly attacked by a slime, was probably due to this magic.

……In short, just kick the bucket already, I guess….

Banaza frowned, but
Tilted this head at the last displayed line.

「Forceful cancel….is it possible?」
Banaza whispered without thinking, but as if reacting to those words, 1 more window popped up

『Forceful cancelation of them all is possible
     Will you cancel it forcefully?   Yes/No』

……..Well….then 『Yes』, I guess….

When Banaza thought so while reading the words, the next moment, the magic bag shone lightly.
At the same time, the window until just now vanishes, and a new window opens.

『The following magics have been forcefully cancelled

         Location Tracing Magic/Forceful Retrieval Magic/Monster Aggravation Magic』

What is this? Is it some kind of magic?

Before Banaza’s eyes, who was pondering about it, a window is displayed once again.

『Due to fulfilled requirements, the following magics are continuously activated.

        ・Magic Alert
          Gives off an alert ・warning against malevolent magic
        ・Magic Dispel
         Cancels malevolent magic (choice based)
        ・Magic Search
          Searches out existing hostile living beings ・ traps within 100 kilum radius
        ・Automatic Mapping
         Automatically makes a mental map of terrain within 100 kilum radius (materialization possible)

…….display next page?   Yes/No   』

Doing as suggested, and opening next pages, after reaching 16 page out of 64, he understood that there are always-on magics.
That said, having not had even a scrap of mana in his original world, and of course being unable to use it, Banaza completely couldn’t understand why all these magics were activating around him.
Desperately thinking about this and that, results were

   ・I just became Lv2
   ・In this world, after Lv2, being able to use this much magic is natural

He could only forcefully convince himself of that.

This so called always-on magic, is a type of skill that ones that have acquired more that 80% of the magics existing in this world become able to use, unless one has trained to a great extent, becoming able to use it is not possible.
In this world people that possess always-on magic, are only 20 people in all, and even among them, one possessing the most always-on magics, has only up to 4.
The reason was precisely because Banaza, when reaching Lv2, broke all physical ability limits and also acquired almost every magic in this world.
By the way, the window that’s displayed from time to time, is a type of always-on magic, which tells information related to magic according to the caster’s requests, and is possible to be made undisplayed if the caster wishes for it.

Although, the person concerned, Banaza, never in his wildest dreams thought that he had become such a broken existence….

「Anyway….I need to look for a place to live….」
While thinking that, Banaza started walking towards the forest.
Thereupon, a window opened once again

『Warning: This forest is gravely contaminated by demonic miasma

              Will you purify it?   Yes/No』

Demonic miasma?….What’s demonic miasma?

When Banaza holds that question, just like until now, a new window opens.

『Origin mana: General term for liquids/gases, etc., that contain elementary particles dark type magic, which causes great harm for humans.
                              Mainly created ・dispersed by demon race of great power to contaminate regions』

「If that’s how it is….doing it if possible would be better, right」

Banaza selected 「Yes」 inside his head.
Thereupon, a window opened once again

『Attention: This magic will use ⅓ of your total mana.

  Is it alright to use it?   Yes/No』

He did think that ⅓ was a lot, but after half giving up thinking “I originally had no mana to begin with”, Banaza, chose 「Yes」 a second time.

When he did
Dazzling light emitted from Banaza’s surroundings, and immediately wrapped up the whole forest before his eyes.
「Wh…What theee!?」
Banaza was surprised for a bit by that excessive amount of light, but the light converged in under 5 seconds, and the forest before his eyes returned to exactly as it was before.
「What… well, that magic was easier than I thought」
While getting a bit relieved, Banaza shifted his eyes to the display of his mana.

There, although that number was not displayed, there was a bar-like display, thought to display the total amount of mana, of which, about ⅓ had blackened.
He could imagine that it was probably displaying his own mana that was used in the purification just now.
However, that exhausted part, was rapidly recovering while Banaza was looking at the display, and in not even 2 minutes, the whole blackened part was gone.
「The hell, it really wasn’t that big deal of a magic, was it. It does recover that quickly, after all」
Banaza was smiling bitterly while saying that.

◇◇The same time ・magic kingdom of Cryroad
「Head magician-sama! Big news! Seems that highest level holy magic was used!」
「Ooh! That must have been, without a doubt, released by the Blonde Hero-sama, who left to suppress the Maou! To think he would be able to use highest level of holy magic this fast, as expected of a great talent that appears only once in a hundred years!」
「…..Thing is, Head magician-sama….I believe the Blonde Hero was supposed to be heading to the south….the highest level magic seems to be used in far north, though….」
「As if such a stupid thing would happen! There must be some mistake! In the first place, right now, in this world, there’s not even 1 user of highest level magic, you know?」

ーTo be continued

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    1. I wonder if the purified demons or demonic creatures actually gain/keep their intelligence and evolve to be somewhat “human” over time and create their own little slice in the world. That and MC PLEASE DON’T BE COMPLETELY IGNORANT, YOU WERE A BUSINESS MANAGER, NOT A BLACK CORP SLAVE.

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      1. Lol, true that, purify probably just affected the general area and the beings in the forest were either wiped or weakened. Kinda wonder if the mobs that were supposed attracted by the previously dispelled high level monster attract are still lingering around. That dispelled item retrieval spell will never serve it’s use, so the kingdom just suffered a deficit lol. wonder if it’s possible to just fill it with some harmful stuff upon opening and return to seller or in this case the kingdom as a prank by reusing the previously dispelled magic.

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      3. remember that the bag’s magic was hidden though, aside from the caster and the few that know about the magic, I doubt that maid knew he was going to be killed, but rather the kingdom just being generous on sending him off. Also, wondering what happened to the previous candidates if that was really the case that they were sent back or killed.

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      4. I assume that they were probably sent back. There’s a low chance of it but it actually seems somewhat plausible if they have such a round about manner of killing him. Perhaps because they escort him out of the territory, they no longer have to follow a law/ancient rule of protection? That actually makes sense now. Still, the maid not really talking to him, I really doubt she’s just a normal maid. No talking about monsters etc, so it’s obvious they wanted him dead. There was no bestiary, or slight help to level him up. Just taking him to a forest. In our world, where are the beasts in populated areas? Uh-huh. Trees are deadly. Cut them down, burn them down, make the world a desert because it’s just right for the sun to eat after tea. (when it turns into a red dwarf)

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