Lv2 – Chapter 2


According to the miko
The ones concluded as not having Hero aptitude, would normally be returned to their original world within that day.
That being said, the reason is, because if it isn’t within that day, the gates to the original world become closed down.

And so, right now is the third day that Banaza has been summoned.

After that,
The results of investigating this and that, the fact that in the happiness of successfully summoning a Hero, everyone forgot about it, and Banaza, who was originally supposed to be returned right away, but was completely forgotten by everyone, was confirmed.
The summoners did look into this and that, but came to the conclusion that returning Banaza to his original world was nearly impossible.
Now that the gates to the world he originally was had closed, finding them among the gates to other worlds, which number more than the stars, was close to impossible.
After hearing those words, Banaza could only go pale and stiffen up right where he stood.

After a few hours

Banaza, who got lead through to the castle’s throne room, was having an audience with this country’s king.
From the advisers, what was told as the king’s words was

This case is all magic country of Cryroad’s fault, heartfelt apologies are given
As such, a special permission to live in this world is given
However, living in the city is forbidden, only permission to set up an abode in the Delabeza forest north of here is given
Coming in and out of cities is permitted, however, disclosing this incident is forbidden
As an apology, money, 1 billion belia, and goods needed for immediate future will be given

    the rough outline of the agenda.

After the audience ended, Banaza was made to walk to the carriage, and left the capital as he was.
Even Banaza understood that this was a polite way of getting rid of a nuisance, so he was already in a giving up mode, but inside the carriage, decided to ask this and that to the maid that was to take care of him until the forest.

According to her,
Belabeza forest is a backward region, more than 20 days of travel away from the capital
Monsters and demihumans do live there, but there are no human settlements
「Even we don’t know much about that land, so how about exploring various things yourself?」
    Was what she said while smiling

….This is basically telling me to go and die like a dog, isn’t it

To magical country of Cryroad’s obvious intentions, Banaza let out a deep sigh.
He did think that he was a thorn at the country’s side, but they were the ones who selfishly summoned him, and on top of that because of their error he became unable to go back to his world.

….There could’ve at least been something, couldn’t it….at least sheltering me in the castle or something….

That kind of thought did float up, but he thought that if he wasn’t careful, he could be imprisoned in the castle’s prison until death, so Banaza decided to think that at least being free was a bit better.

And so after 20 days
「Well then, Banaza-sama, we shall excuse ourselves here」
After letting out Banaza in the plains before the Delabeza forest, the carriage group hurriedly gave their goodbyes, and hastily turned around.

When separating from the maid, Banaza got this simple equipment called magical bag, which at first sight looks like a small bag, but it was a magic item that could fit as much as a treasury house.[1]
Checking the insides of the magical bag, before his eyes a list of the contents was displayed.

・Money・・・1 billion Belia
        Explanation: Currency of the magic country of Cryroad
・House Construction Magic・・・・1 set
        Explanation: Can establish a house in a desired place (remodeling ・ retrieval ・re-establishment possible : magic item)
・Perpetual Water Bag・・・2 bags
        Explanation: Magic item that perpetually lets out water fit for drinking
・Simple Preserved Food・・99 portions
        Explanation: Preserved food (eaten as is)
・Clothes・・・20 sets
        Explanation: Set of clothing (regular citizen of magic kingdom of Cryroad styled)
・Equipment・・・8 sets
        Explanation: Set of equipment (Swordsman 3 ・ Spearman 2 ・ Archer 2 ・ Mage 1)
・Agriculture and Industry Tool Set・・3 sets
        Explanation: Agriculture and Industry set (Woodworking 1 ・ Digging 1 ・ Farming 1)

After seeing that for the time being, there’s no trouble with a living place, since the house can be built immediately, and that he won’t be troubled by food and water, Banaza relaxed, but when he closed the magic bag’s window, before him one slime had appeared.

Uhhh….Guess there’s no choice but to fight….huh?

Banaza thought that he would like to avoid it if possible.
In his original world, because he left the fighting up to mercenaries, he has never fought himself.
That said, now, in this place there was no one else to save him, also the slime was openly directing hostility towards him and looked like he was to jump on him at any moment.
After resolving himself, Banaza took out a sword and a shield from the magic back, and took a stance for the time being.

Banaza was quite nervous, but that fight was ended all too quickly.
After swinging the sword at the the jumping slime, it was cut in half in one swing, and died right after.

「…I’m glaaad… it was over quick….」
Banaza sinks down in place out of relief

When suddenly, in front of his eyes, a window opens.

A window just like the one when he was confirming the contents of the magic bag, but the one spread in front of him this time, was not that of the magic bag, but one that announced that his level had increased and was displaying it’s status.

Seeing that display, Banaza knit his eyebrows.

Lv・・・ 2
STR・・・ ∞
DEF・・・ ∞
SPD・・・ ∞
MP・・・ ∞
HP・・・ ∞

「I get that the level increased but….what the? What is this mark of number 8 put sideways….」

At that time, Banaza didn’t realise.
This 「∞」 mark, was the sign for 「Unable to display because of exceeding the limits」.
He, at Lv1, had abilities no different from this world’s adult male, but the moment he raised to Lv2, his ability points completely transcended all the previous Heroes, as well as learned all the magics in this world.

It was exactly this, that was the divine protection he received from god, when getting summoned into this world.

However, he himself, had no idea about it.

ーTo be continued


1 Link. It’s a shrine related thing. Some images if you’re interested. Do further research if you want to yourself.


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      1. It should’ve been in his language though, that’s standard right? Plus, he can read the item list in the magic bag.
        It could be though, that his world is simply too underdeveloped to have the concept of infinity.

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      3. Well they could also just be not a concept yet since they have monsters and demons and have wagons which sounds kinda like something in the 1500’s having the wagons and traders and bandits, especially the concept of infinity was made 1657 in our world without the monster and demons so we would be more concentrated on technology while with their monsters and demons they were probably more concentrated on strength.


    1. He came from another world, which is not ours! That is why he does not know that it is the symbol of infinity!


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    1. The only MC that was stronger than God in any story I’ve read, was running from a slime, and since they can appear in every area, he ended up tearing up land all over the country trying to get away from it.

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  2. I was gonna post this at the previous chapter but kept reading before I knew it…
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    Oh well. I am surprised with the country, though – for all that the MC thinks they wanted to get rid of him, they still gave him a shitton of money and tools to survive. For all the people who’d bemoan them as villains, I honestly think they were kinder than they had any need to be. Unless the value of their currency is hilariously low, the cash he got seems to be enough for him to live the rest of his life in luxury in any place that isn’t the capital. Can’t really complain about it, even if they did drop him in an untamed land.

    Unless their intentions were more insidious, of course. I suppose I’ll see.


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